Primary Ticket: Nevada’s Clusterf*$k GOP Caucus

NV GOP to America: I'm taking my toys and going home now.

I would like to write about the inglorious clusterf*$k of GOP caucus(es) that Nevada held on the national stage over the weekend, but I still can’t quite wrap my head around what happened. Perhaps the first wrong turn was scheduling it the same weekend as the Superbowl? Or maybe it was acting like Nevada could actually pull up its big-kid pants and play with the other big kids in their primary/caucus sandbox.

At any rate, I am conceding the floor to those who seem to have a lot more facty-facts than me:

  • Anjeanette Damon lays it all out — the bad, the worse, and the really ugly.
  • PS: Romney won by 50% of the vote, despite Newt Gingrich’s bankroll from Sheldon Adelson. Religion covers coin.
  • As usual, The Gleaner has a good (and funny) breakdown of the almost artistically inept GOP caucuses here and here.
  • Perhaps it was over before it began, as Jon Ralston suggests.
  • But the real news might be that our very own Gov. Brian Sandoval might get tapped by Mittsy for the veep nom. Hmm… Two Hairdos on one ticket… Rich White Guy paired with Rich Hispanic Guy… Why do I feel like this is some kind of GOP porno in the making?

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