Quick hits

Things are getting really busy with all the holiday hullabaloo (perhaps the Mindful Giving List can offer some good ideas?), so let’s ease into Monday with some quick hits:

  • Have you been following the 16 Days of Activism against domestic violence? Starting on Nov. 25, the campaign has been raising awareness about violence against women and encouraging everyone to be a part of the solution.
  • Women are just as ambitious as men. But women don’t ask for raises as much as women, because it’s not just perception that the deck is stacked against them.
  • On the heels of objections about pro-rape pages on Facebook, there is a new petition to urge Twitter to step up and end homophobic trending topics.
  • Speaking of hateful trends, what is up with the Baptist church in Kentucky that voted to ban interracial couples? It’s still 2011, right?
  • And in case you missed it: The new iPhone’s Siri won’t tell you where you can get an abortion.
  • But there is some promising news on the AIDS front — perhaps an end of new babies born with AIDS by 2015?! And check out the digital AIDS quilt project. A moving project in all its forms, but one I hope can become obsolete as soon as possible.

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