Feminist Files: It’s getting crazy out there edition

Is it something in the air?

  • If you think there is no War on Women, you haven’t been paying attention to the full-scale attack on Planned Parenthood — which is nothing short of an indictment on women’s reproductive health care. And it’s not just about PP, people. The GOP is willing to let pregnant women die to make a point. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are, once again, standing up for women here in Nevada and have filed a lawsuit against the TWO new personhood petition. Want to get involved? You can sign Planned Parenthood’s petition showing how many people oppose personhood laws.
  • PS: The War on Women is not stopping at abortion services and birth control. They’re going after sex ed, too.
  • Another front in the War on Women? Safety from violence. Last week the Topeka City Council voted 7-3 to end their laws against domestic violence because prosecuting such cases is too costly. Did they miss the memo that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month? We can’t allow budget cuts to dictate the importance of a woman’s life. Allowing domestic violence to go unabated is tantamount to saying that women are second-class citizens, unworthy of protection under the law. You can do something by signing the Care petition.
  • Actor Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the relaunched Star Trek movie franchise (you know it will be, just accept it), came out in a New York Magazine article this weekend, just days after National Coming Out Day. On his own blog, Quinto said that he was motivated to come out after Jamey Rodemeyer killed himself only months after making an It Gets Better video. ‘[I]t became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it – is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality….”
  • Speaking (indirectly) of bullying, HRC has a Stand Up Against Bullying campaign in which they are encouraging people to wear purple on Thursday (Oct. 20).
  • And that’s just one day after the NOW’s 14th annual Love Your Body Day on Wednesday (Oct. 19). There’s never been a better time to change the dialogue about our bodies and our self worth — for ourselves and our daughters.
  • While we’re at it, don’t forget about the Sex/uality film event at UNLV on Saturday (Oct. 22).
  • And because I like to leave it on a positive note, here’s the Ms. Blog’s Top 10 on their 100 Best Non-Fiction list. How many have you read?

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