Uncensored Voices

As someone who is against censorship and someone who supports the ACLU of Nevada, I wanted to share the details of their (free) event Tuesday, Sept. 27, 7-9 pm at the Clark County Library: Uncensored Voices: Celebrating Literary Freedom.

What do “Of Mice and Men”, the American Heritage Dictionary, and the graphic novel “Watchmen” have in common? In various times and places, even up to the present day, they are challenged or banned in communities throughout the United States. In honor of Banned Books Week, join us for a night of reading, performance, and free expression as we celebrate all of the things “they” don’t want you to read.

Moderated by Black Mountain Institute Executive Director and UNLV President Emerita Dr. Carol Harter, the evening will feature readings and performances from a variety of community figures, including:

Kris Saknussemm, Author of “Zanesville” & “Private Midnight”
Bob Brown, Publisher, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Maile Chapman, Author of “Your Presence is Requested at Suvanto”
Jeanne Goodrich, Executive Director, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
Jane Heenan, Director, Equality Nevada of Las Vegas
Laura Henkel, Owner, Sin City Gallery
Andrew Kiraly, Editor, Desert Companion and Author of “Crit”
Steve Sebelius, Political Columnist
And a special appearance by the Nevada Repertory Dance Theater

Join us as we celebrate provocative, inspiring, and beautiful words–all uncensored.


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