Violent times


Is it just me or has there been an explosion of sexual violence cases in the news lately? What the hell is going on out there?!

  • A 15-year-old girl was raped and brutally murdered (multiple stab wounds and the body was set on fire!) while walking home in her neighborhood this week. Her attacker? A 19-year-old man who lived nearby and may have violently attacked others before. Horrific. Just horrific.
  • But even 26-year-old cases are still shuffling through the system, like this one.
  • Then there are confessional “comedians,” who are probably not embellishing that much.
  • And you know it’s bad when even the cops are getting busted (not once, but twice) in recent weeks for sexual assault(s).
  • Meanwhile, this trans prisoner was raped by a guard and then placed in the male population prison, where she may face extreme brutality. Sign the petition to demand justice for her (and others).

Meanwhile, a lot of folks are gearing up for Slut Walk Las Vegas on Saturday (7 pm at the Erotic Heritage Museum). I don’t know if we can rebrand the word “slut” but I am definitely for taking down misogynistic institutionalized thinking (particularly within law enforcement and the legal system) that says that no matter what the circumstances, a woman was somehow “asking for it.” Fuck that!

Please stay safe out there!

There are resources locally, on campus, and nationally. And here are some safety tips. This also might be a good time to remember to stock up on emergency contraception (not a pleasant reason to take it, but better to not have to think about it).

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