This week’s Feminist Files

News you can use:

  • I am so deeply sickened by this story, which you  may have heard by now, about the middle school girl who was forced to write a letter of apology to her (fellow student) rapist. And we can call him a rapist, because he was convicted of the act in a juvenile court. It’s just… it’s so awful. It’s the pinnacle of victim-shaming and revictimizing. Here’s the Mother Jone’s story on it. And the Jezebel post (with more details).
  • From Feminists For Choice: Is Yaz safe?
  • Speaking of reproductive justice, did everyone catch Jon Stewart’s take-down of Megyn Kelly for her hypocritical view on maternity leave? Awesome.
  • From the Ms. Blog: The more girls watch TV, the less options they think they have in life.
  • Just in time for back-to-school: This lunch lady is trying to dismantle the nutritional ghetto of school lunches from within. Rock on! And they are mixing things up in Colorado, too.
  • It turns out, religious conservatives do not hold the answer to the abortion debate in the Bible-thumping hands. Because the Bible does not condemn abortion.
  • Want some good (and adorable) news? One father’s answer to the girls=princesses dilemma — which came to a head when his daughter was invited to a birthday party with a theme that required boys to dress as superheros and girls to dress as princesses? Sew a Wonder Woman costume for your daughter! She’s BOTH a superhero and a princess, after all! Don’t you just love it when a solution is simple and satisfying?
  • Local music composer Jeremy Woolstenhulme’s first symphony, which was commissioned in honor of a former dancer and cancer victim, premiered this week in a performance by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Symphony. And who says Vegas has no culture?
  • Speaking of cool local stories, did you catch this one about the breastfeeding club the Mocha Moms in the local paper this week? It even got a twitter mention from Moms’ Rising. Nice!

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