Some stuff that makes you go hmmm…

Is it just me, or is the world going insane?

  • First, the good news: A local couple (and two moms), have started Teazled, a greeting card company that specializes in cards for the LGBT community. (Full disclosure: They go to my church. And yes, I will be shamelessly promoting them at every opportunity.)
  • Moms are taking it to the streets — of DC — to lobby for legislation to get rid of toxic chemicals that are ubiquitous in our modern world (think can linings, drinking water, plastic food wrappers and more).
  • Speaking of sisters doing if for themselves, how about we get more than a 10% author representation on Wikipedia? It’s up to us, ladies!
  • Speaking of modern conveniences, it turns out that owning a microwave is not a sign of wealth.
  • And, even though the wealth gap is mostly about race, it’s about gender, too. (Speaking of racism in America, did you all see the coverage of Obama’s 50th birthday party?)
  • Oh yeah, I saw something about our entire country being downgraded in its credit rating. So, how soon do we start screening our calls to avoid the debt collectors? So, Teabaggers, what’s the plan now?
  • Tales of sexism in advertising No. 1: Check out these 10 vintage ads that are head-on-fire inducingly sexist.
  • Tales of sexism in advertising No. 2: The truly sexist PMS milk campaign has been withdrawn.
  • And in a related story: Tales of sexism in fashion-media, which perpetuates sexism in pop culture and eventually advertising: 10-year-old Vogue “supermodels.” This is just gross!
  • And if you’re not pissed off about all that, here’s the story of the woman who is suing her former employer over “Miniskirt Mondays” and “Bikini top Fridays,” among other atrocities of not just misogynistic bullying but truly abysmal management.
  • And after all that, how about this really thought-provoking piece about fat phobia and negative body image.

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