The last Girl Scout

Now is the time of the crisp first page of a spiral notebook, of feeling your breath across your fingers as you blow the fresh shavings off a stack of new, No. 2 pencils. Now is the moment of anticipation before the first day of school. But it is also the time of want without hope, of need without answer. Because who will help the kids who have nothing to take with them on their first day of school? And we can’t say that it doesn’t happen here.

So, here is what I propose we do for our kids, because all these kids who are living and growing up here in the Las Vegas Valley are all our kids: Let’s collect all those important back-to-school supplies and goodies and let’s take them down to God’s Groceries, which is run by Northwest Community Church. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in some personal hygiene supplies and maybe some new clothes and a bag of non-perishable food. Because these kids need clothes on their  backs and food in their bellies.

Let’s do this because it is the right thing to do. Right now. Here’s the info you need to get started today: website and facebook group page (search for Northwest Community Church). Send email to: Phone: 702-496-5753.

*Full disclosure: I am a member of Northwest Community Church.

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