Let’s protect our veterans from sexual assault!

I saw this on Care2 and felt compelled to pass it on:

The last concern a female veteran should have at a VA facility should be the fear of sexual assault. But according to a report by the Government Accountability Office, over 300 veterans have suffered sexual violence while seeking treatment at VA facilities throughout the country.

In the GAO’s recently released review, it reported staggeringly high rates of sexual assaults at VA facilities around the country–over two-thirds of which were deliberately not reported to the Office of the Inspector General. These brutalities included anything from outright rape to “forceful medical examinations.”

When the GAO continued its inquiry, it found that many facilities lacked legally required security, such as locks on bathroom doors or closed-circuitry television.

Veterans, who have fought bravely for the armed services, merit exemplary care. Tell the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs that reforms must be made to VA facilities to prevent travesties like these in the future.

Click here to sign the petition to add your name and stand up to protect veterans from sexual assault!

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