Tell your Planned Parenthood story

Feminist blogging consortium Shakesville and Midwestern blogger What Tami Said are hosting a blog carnival for Planned Parenthood on Thursday, July 7. They are seeking bloggers and non-bloggers alike to share their personal stories about how Planned Parenthood has helped them.

This is a great opportunity to stand with Planned Parenthood. But it is more than that. This is about taking a stand for reproductive justice, for speaking our truth to the power! We can’t let antichoice rhetoric — which is really just a distraction from America’s true problems related to the economy — hijack the political agenda. Worse yet, we can’t let antichoice zealots terrorize the women and men who need health care RIGHT NOW.

My Planned Parenthood: raise your voice. tell your story. July 7.

Here’s the details:

Please join What Tami Said and Shakesville for “My Planned Parenthood,” a blog carnival devoted to sharing the stories of the women and men helped by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and other Planned Parenthood branches.

Share your personal story of being helped by Planned Parenthood of Indiana or Planned Parenthood in another state. Link your story to why it is important that the organization continue to thrive. We are particularly interested in the stories of Indiana residents, but welcome other bloggers to take part. Planned Parenthood is under attack in states throughout the country, including Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Texas. We need to hear ALL voices.

All posts should be scheduled to publish by 9 a.m. Eastern, Thursday, July 7.

— Spread the word about this blog carnival through your blog, word of mouth and social media. On Twitter, use hashtag #MyPP. Post the My Planned Parenthood graphic on your blog and link it to this announcement. (See code below.)

— Email or with your intention to participate. Include the name of your blog and its URL.

— Write your post. We may ask you to include a .jpg carnival graphic with information on how to support Planned Parenthood in your post.

— Schedule your post to publish by 9 a.m. Eastern, Thursday, July 7. If you can, send a direct link to your post to one of the email addresses above before July 7. What Tami Said and Shakesville will publish the names and links to all participating blogs in a stub post on July 7.

— Continue to spread the word and direct people to blog carnival posts.

If you are not a blogger, but would like to share your story, send it to one of the emails above and we will publish it on our websites. (Material published on our blogs is subject to our editorial approval.) Be sure to include your home state and a “handle” that needn’t be your real name.

We will NOT link to any anti-choice or anti-Planned Parenthood posts. We will verify content at links.

Neither What Tami Said nor Shakesville are affiliated with Planned Parenthood or Planned Parenthood of Indiana. Planned Parenthood is not involved in this effort. Melissa and I are simply two Hoosier women concerned by conservative legislatures’ attacks on women and the organizations that serve them, as well as continued distortions about Planned Parenthood’s services disseminated by opponents of reproductive freedom and choice.

We hope you will join us in our stand.

If you or a loved one has ever used Planned Parenthood’s services, please donate to Planned Parenthood of Indiana, or a Planned Parenthood in your state today.

You know I’m in! And if you want to share your story I urge you to contact Shakesville or What Tami Said. If you would rather share your story here, let me know and I’ll post it on The Sin City Siren.

Cross-posted on The Tired Feminist.

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