NWL headed to Tent City at the Legislature

The proposed budget cuts and “no new taxes” bullshit is reaching a fever pitch at the state Legislature. The Nevada Women’s Lobby is going to be at the Tent City outside the Legislature in Carson City starting today and going through Wednesday. (*Full disclosure: I am working as NWL’s social media coordinator during the legislative session.)

Here’s some more info:

Nevada Women's Lobby
Is Nevada going out of business?      
In this bad economy, we’ve all seen the signs: Going out of business! Everything must go! Fire sale!

But as we look at the drastic cuts proposed by Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Nevada GOP, we have to ask ourselves: How long before Nevada is going out of business?

Nevada is too big to fail!

We’ve got low, low prices… on public workers!   
Nevada has one of the smallest state governments in the country but that’s not stopping conservatives from attempting to slash “prices” by slashing people!

According to a report (PDF) by the Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation presented at the May 2 Nevada Economic Forum meeting, Nevada continues to have the worst unemployment rate in the nation. But rather than present bills that create jobs, the Nevada GOP is focused on eliminating still more jobs of hard-working Nevadans!

In fact, according to statistics provided by Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce, if Nevada hired 10,000 additional government employees (both state and local governments) it would still have the smallest government in the country!

If Nevada decided to have the number of public employees per capita, next week that it had in 1978 (both state and local governments) it would have to hire 44,000 additional government employees!

If Nevada decided to have the number of public employees next week that the five states closest to Nevada in population have, it would have to hire:
in the case of Utah / 18,000 public employees
in the case of New Mexico / 64,000 public employees
in the case of West Virginia / 33,000 public employees
in the case of Kansas / 64,000 public employees
in the case of Arkansas / 41,000 public employees

Meanwhile, public employees are doing more with … well, sometimes nothing! While public employee’s health premiums are going up, they’re being asked to extend pay cuts that started in 2009, during the last legislative session.

So how’s that plan to push yesterday’s problems onto today’s public employees working out for Nevada? It’s not! And Nevada won’t work without its valuable public employees!

This wholesale liquidation of public workers has to stop!

Stop the liquidation madness at the Legislature! 
And there’s no more time to waste on misguided politics and short-range plans that push today’s problems into tomorrow!

Several revenue bills are coming up for votes starting now and our elected officials need to hear our voices!

Act now or everything will go!


Contact your Legislator! Click here to find your legislator!  

Attend the hearing Saturday, May 14!

In Carson City:

Nevada Legislature, Room 1214

401 S. Carson City

In Las Vegas:

Grant Sawyer Building

555 E. Washington Ave.  

Join the Tent City campout at the Legislature to show our elected officials that we won’t stay silent on these proposed cuts and we won’t stop fighting for the ALL Nevadans! The campout is scheduled from Monday to Wednesday but people are already headed to Carson City! Click here for more information. 

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A core value of the Lobby is empowering those who feel they have no voice.  


Want to get started? Find your state legislator here! (Look for the heading

“Who’s my State Legislator?”)
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Thank you, Nevada Women’s Lobby

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