Technical difficulties

So you might have noticed, there was no post today (Monday). And no update on the finale of The Sin City Siren 4th anniversary fundraising campaign for Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada! WTF?!

Unfortunately, SCS headquarters had a little technical difficulties over the weekend. After surviving with hand-me-down computers, rebuilt computers and second-hand computers for 15+ years… my not-so-trusty machine bit the dust. So, I spent my first Mother’s Day computer shopping! But, in reality, this is a good thing. I have my first computer since before I got married (14 years in June)! I have a shiny, new, blue laptop! I feel so fancy!

So, please excuse my tardiness in posting while I get all my technical stuff configured and connected and all that techy jazz. And I’m working on getting the details of how well we did on the SCS fundraising campaign. (I am happy to report that according to my blog hosting reports, there were hits on the PPSN donation page every day of the campaign. So thanks for that! And hey, while you’re here, why not donate to PPSN in “honor of The Sin City Siren”?)

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