Happy Anniversary!

Rally for Choice Las Vegas 2011

Has it really been four years? Oh but with you, dear readers, every day is like the first time. But seriously, starting this blog has been a labor of love ever since it began. It started on a dilapidated computer in my guest room where I had to balance the keyboard on my lap. And now, I sit at laptop at my kitchen table next to the high chair and trying to ignore the TV sounds coming from the next room. Clearly, I’ve come a long way, baby!

And there is something about having a blog that is a little bit like having a relationship. Albeit, in this relationship I don’t really know who you are. And sometimes I don’t hear from you for days. And sometimes your screaming at me because I pissed you off. Sometimes we get bored with each other. But mostly, I like you. And, you seem to like me, too. So thanks for that!

Indeed, I can’t thank you enough for supporting my blog and all the various grassroots work — like Rally for Choice Las Vegas, taking on the Personhood ballot initiative, and FagBug — that I have accomplished through it. That we accomplished together. Because I couldn’t have done any of it without you! You really kick ass!

Kisses from Sister Lola during the AFAN AIDS Walk 2009

And I feel like I have personally come a long way, too. A month after I started this blog in 2007, I quit my full-time job in journalism to pursue my passion for activism and grassroots organizing. The Las Vegas community has been generous enough to answer my calls when I have needed you to step up or step in and help. You have buoyed me through tough times, like when I lost two close family members to cancer within one month of each other the summer of 2008. You’ve been patient and forgiving when I’ve messed up or lost my way here and there. You’ve shared my joy as I waddled through pregnancy and became a mother last May (my baby turns one in 2 weeks!). And a dedicated group of you have supported my new blog, The Tired Feminist.

Thank you all so much for making this little-blog-that-could idea flower and bloom in ways that I could not imagine!

Kicking cancer's ass one step at a time!

And I want to thank all the organizations who have done so much to support The Sin City Siren: the ACLU of Nevada, the Nevada Women’s Lobby, the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center, the Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Nevada Women’s Lobby, ProgressNow Nevada, the Women’s Empowerment Network, The Center and above all others Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada.

Do you know what all the photos in this post have in common? Not only are they good times I’ve had doing SCS stuff, but in each case, Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada was supporting the work I was doing, whether it was to raise money on teams for good causes (Race for the Cure and AIDS Walk), organizing rallies or just helping my blog grow by suggesting it to their networks.

Now, I know that the traditional fourth anniversary gift is linen and silk. That’s sweet and all, but how can I make The Sin City Siren silky or linen-y? Blogs don’t wear clothes! But you know what is kind of like linen? Money! Why don’t we celebrate this anniversary by donating to Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada? I would really appreciate it. (And I’d appreciate it even more if you designate your gift in honor of The Sin City Siren.)

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