Education: A terrible thing to trash

This is just a drive-by post really — I’ve been dealing with a health problem (and becoming an accidental vegan?) and crazy-busy with my work (more on that later) — but I can’t let some of these nuggets go. As Nevada faces what seems to be the worst — definitely one of the worst — budget deficits in its history, naturally there’s been a lot of talk about how to maim, gut and otherwise dismantle any semblance of an education system. I mean, if we’re broke we don’t need no learnin’ do we?

  • A lot of you probably have seen the ‘Sandoval Island’ Ralston column, but it’s so full of that special teabagger flavor that I want to make sure nobody missed it. In particular, I really like the bit about “greedy teachers” who were living on a “gravy train.” Awesome.
  • Here’s a nice Las Vegas CityLife Q&A with Nevada Regent Bill Cobb that takes on why higher ed matters and how we’re killing it bluntly with a sharp machete. The take-away? We’re hemorrhaging educators. But what has higher ed ever done for us anyway? “[S]tudies show a college-educated population is less likely to be on welfare or engage in crime and more likely to be involved in community functions, like charitable giving, which make Nevada a better place to live. ” Thanks Bill, that spells it out quite nicely.
  • And this is all part of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed $162 million cuts to higher ed (aka 29 percent of the budget!). What was that thing Bill Cobb said about an educated population? Sigh.

So, are you pissed off? How about joining the letter-writing campaign to save Women’s Studies and other departments at UNLV? You know you want to.

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