The gift of access, courtesy of Sin City Siren readers

Oh, Sin City Siren readers and supporters, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Well, so far, I love you 130 ways… or rather, I love that you have donated $130 to the National Abortion Funds Bowlathon fundraiser! You’ve helped me blow out my goal of $100 and in record time — 3 days! (Last year I only raised $50.)

And you know what else? Prochoice men totally rock! Indeed, the majority of those who have donated to my cause are men. So what was that about reproductive health care being a woman’s issue?

Thank you all so much for contributing to this worthy cause! And there is still time! The Abortion Funds average cost for an abortion is $468. So we could make an even bigger dent in that figure (click here)!

5 thoughts on “The gift of access, courtesy of Sin City Siren readers

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