Off with a bang

We’re barely into 2011 and I already feel behind. While I get my bearings, check out these quick hits:

  • No matter how you feel about New Year’s resolutions, I highly recommend a perusal of the Abortion Gang‘s 2011 list. (My personal fav: For state and federal governments to spend their time and resources on improving the lives of their citizens, instead of on deciding whether the contents of a woman’s uterus is “alive.”)
  • In a new interview Justice Antonin Scalia says the 14th Amendment does not apply to gender discrimination. The amendment states that no law shall deprive “any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” But being discriminated against based on a person’s gender? That’s not covered under “equal protection of the law” as Scalia reads it. Now, if there was a gender discrimination class-action lawsuit headed to the Supreme Court, like say, the biggest in American history, I might be suspicious of the timing. But that’s not… oh wait. Well I guess we know where Scalia shops.
  • Meanwhile, barely a handful of days in to 2011 and abortion battles are already heating up: In Oregon the Catholic Church has split with the United Way because it gave money to Planned Parenthood. Now, you might say, “Who cares? That’s in our neighbor’s yard.” But with representatives in Congress already taking aim at defunding Planned Parenthood across the board, this matters. We’re gearing up for what may be the most brutal Nevada Legislature ever. It’s time to get ready.
  • In case you missed it, some “gay” chatter: Chris Brown demonstrated that he’s a homophobe with a ridiculous twitter tirade; meanwhile New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush says people should stop using the phrase “no homo” if it offends people. How’s that for going against type? The jock schooling the musician on open-mindedness.
  • And Rosie the Riveter died.
  • In other news, my work as The Tired Feminist will be featured on Jan. 19 as part of the national MamaBlogger365 “reframing motherhood” project. Please check it out!

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