So long 2010. Bring on 2011!

I’m not doing a year-in-review this year. And it’s not because nothing interesting happened.

Indeed, I’d say 2010 was a pretty full year: health care reform, Prop 8 overturned, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, natural disasters (including devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile as well as the Icelandic volcano), the BP oil spill, Team Coco, Tiger Woods, The World Cup, Tyler Clementi’s suicide (and resulting anti-bullying campaign It Gets Better)… need I go on?

Okay, okay, Nevada had a big year, too. We elected a “new” governor (I question if Sandoval will really be anything more than Gibbons, Part 2). Harry Reid kept his seat with a much better margin of victory than predicted (because polls are bunk). And that pesky personhood ballot initiative fell flat. Certainly, the economy in Nevada has been the biggest story for the past few years and looks to be center stage for the 2011 Legislature, too (which starts just 38 days into the new year!).

Well, I guess that’s a little bit of a year-in-review after all. But is that how we measure our years? The single biggest story of my personal life in 2010 is that I had a baby and I became a mother. I’m certain if asked, my husband would say the biggest thing for him was becoming a father. My good friend got engaged. Actually, more than one friend got engaged. My college roommate ran a half-marathon. Some faced cancer. Isn’t the biggest news of the year what happened to you, in your own personal life, among your friends and family?

So, I hope 2010 was a wonderful year for you, as it was for me. Truly, 2010 brought me my highest highs (seeing my daughter for the first time) and some surprising lows (childbirth and my baby spending her first days in the neonatal intensive care unit). The learning curve on this year was brutal at times but the rewards have never been more fulfilling. I was changed forever by 2010.

I drank deeply from the cup of 2010 and life was good to me and my family. So I look forward to 2011 with joy in my heart.

Here are some of the things I look forward to in 2011:

  • Starting my tenure on the board for the Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence. This is the embodiment of my work to bring awareness and help to fellow survivors of sexual violence.
  • The Nevada Women’s Lobby’sGrassroots Lobby Days for the 2011 Legislature! This is one of the events NWL does best. If you have never lobbied, never met your representative or never really participated in your government but want to…this event is for you! This 3-day event in March is the perfect opportunity to get face-time with legislators, get hands-on information about lobbying and working with politicians to effect change and so much more! This may be the best year ever to do it, too. I dare say there’s never been more at stake for Nevada’s women and children. NWL is a prochoice, pro-LGBT equality organization that works on a variety of issues that help Nevada’s families, children and seniors. Don’t miss this opportunity! (Full disclosure: I’m on NWL’s advisory committee.)
  • Running my first post-baby 5K. Hey, it can’t all be about the world. Taking care of your physical body helps keep you strong for the other stuff in life. I’m starting up my next Couch-to-5K program with the new year. I’ve used C25K programs every time I’ve trained for a 5K (this will be my third). The plan is easy to follow (there are many versions of C25K on the web and apps for smart phones) and it works. I’ll let you know when I pick my first race. Maybe I’ll see you out there!
  • Growing in my craft. I’ve now got two blogs: The Sin City Siren (on facebook and twitter, too) and The Tired Feminist (on facebook, too). And I’m putting some finishing touches and rewrites on my manuscript. Perhaps 2011 is the year I become a published author!
  • Last but definitely not least, I look forward to raising my daughter and watching her grow and change. She’ll have her first steps, first words and first birthday in 2011 — plus a whole lot more!

Well 2011, you look to be full of challenges, adventures and fun: Bring it on!


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