Jingle Bell Rock Coma

We barely caught our breath after Halloween when the sights and sounds of the consumer orgy Christmas started breathing down our necks. Hell, we barely got rid of the campaign season tumors all over our TV, mailbox and internet — now it’s Christmas?

I’m so not ready! Can’t we take five? Grab a coffee? Take a nap? Celebrate, I don’t know, that other holiday sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas? Watch some football (Go Ducks!)? And some of us have some birthdays (our own or loved ones) in there, too.

Just simmer down, people! Everybody’s broke or pinching what pennies they have left anyway. The bad economy seems like the perfect excuse to cut back on the clutter that is not necessary and focus on what is: family, friends, shared good times, cookies, snuggling under blankets… and did I mention cookies? These are good things and worth the time and effort. Another useless trinket that I have no use for, that you wasted good money for… eh, not so much.

Just dial it down about 12 notches. There’s plenty of time. In fact, it comes around every year. Without fail. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of time for Christmas frenzy. Don’t go crazy too early. You’ll just tire yourself out and miss all the fun later.

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