With respect to that one molehill

I find the whole dust-up over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero to be so stupid that I wasn’t even planning on blogging about it. Plus, why bother when The Gleaner has so thoughtfully encapsulated the whole deal so perfectly… So much so I’m not even going to make you click a link to read it:


When Harry Reid caves to Sharron Angle, the terrorists have won

Harry Reid is a flibbertigibbet, a changeling, a mere noodle of a man whose positions rarely (if ever) reflect any consideration other than the deeply held interest in whether one course or another will be good for Harry Reid. To see him fold after infantile taunts from Sharron Angle on this senseless Manhattan Muslim pseudo-controversy is about as surprising as Angle, upon examining the same issue, promptly grasping a copy of her beloved Constitution and wiping her ass with it.

The religious nutjobs who made The 9-11 hoped that a glorious day would ultimately come when Americans would be forced to abandon their preferred and successfully test-marketed brands of hocus pocus and start buying Muslim hocus pocus instead, American women would be issued burkas, and the E! network and other cherished American freedoms would be eradicated from your teevee.  But under the heading “intermediate goals” on the Blue Ribbon Terrorist 2020 Vision Stakeholders Task Force Report, presumably, is something along the lines of “make America freak out until it’s too stupid to persist as a credible empire.”

Mission accomplished.

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