Hi there!

Hello Siren Readers!

I just wanted to point out a couple of new features that may make your Siren-loving life easier. Huzzah!

  1. If you look to the sidebar on the right ===> you’ll notice a new box that allows you to subscribe to this blog and get e-mail updates when there are new posts. I know many of you have been wanting this feature for some time. So, you’re welcome!
  2. Have you ever wanted to tweet about an awesome Siren post? Of course you have! Now you can do it without having to leave this blog. How convenient! To get an instant pop-up box with shortened link and space to add your own comments before tweeting — simply click on the post title. At the bottom of the post there will be a tweet button. Click it and — presto! — you’ve got your shortened link and a way to share awesomeness all over tweetland in one fell swoop. I thank you in advance!

And don’t forget that ad space is available on The Siren. Contact me for rates!


The Siren

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