Leadership program taking apps now

The NEW Leadership program is a real gem and I highly recommend it. Here’s the info:

It’s that time again! NEW Leadership Nevada is accepting applications for its 2010 program.

NEW Leadership Nevada 2010 will be held June 14 – 19, 2010 on the UNLV campus. The application deadline is April 19th. You will find an application attached to this email; the application and information is available at our website as well. http://wrin.unlv.edu/new/app.html

To ensure NEW Leadership Nevada remains competitive, we rely heavily on faculty and staff to recruit and recommend prospective students for this amazing opportunity! Because the application process requires three letters of recommendation, faculty and staff are the gatekeepers to a student’s willingness to apply or not. Please talk with your students and let them know the opportunities this program can give them. I’m sure each of you have a handful of prospective candidates for the program, please reach out and have them apply!

Below are a few talking points about the program:

  • NEW Leadership Nevada is a six-day, non-partisan, residential, intensive leadership institute.
  • It is designed to be intimate, accepting only 25 college students each year.
  • To ensure the greatest participation and diversity, students attend NEW Leadership Nevada training at no personal cost.
  • During the program, students will connect with women who are leaders in education, gaming, business, law, politics, banking, and community activism.
  • Students will develop and maintain valuable social networks with peers, mentors, and possibly future employers!

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