Habitat for Humanities’ Re-Store is Open!

This is really, really cool! Habitat for Humanities has what’s called a Re-Store, a shop where they sell gently used items good for remodeling your home. (You can also donate items in good condition if you have just done a remodel.) The store is open at 9 a.m. at 1401 N. Decatur (at Vegas Drive).

You know how people are always saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle?” Well, this is how you do it! You are reducing your footprint if you buy previously owned, yet perfectly good items which are, in fact being reused (just by a new owner). And if you donate items — like, say, perfectly good kitchen cabinets, carpet, appliances — you are reducing your carbon footprint (i.e. dent in the landfill). And you know how I love it when consumerism can support charity (Habitat gets the benefit of the donations and can use proceeds to help more people!).

The other cool thing is how I learned about this. I joined a newly formed group on facebook called Recycle Sin City, which seeks to be a forum for valley residents who have an interest in improving our community’s green quotient. You can find interesting info and you can use it as a place to discuss ideas/concerns or upload images or video of things you see around the valley (for instance, illegal dumping). It’s new, but promising. (Thanks, Jacie, for the tip and starting the page!)

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