Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada has joined the team!

I am happy to announce that Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada is joining the Sin City Sirens’ team for Race for the Cure! We had a great time with them at the AIDS Walk and so we’re teaming up again!

There’s never been a better time to join the team or donate to the cause! Please help The Sin City Siren celebrate its 2-year anniversary by raising $1,000 for the cause!

And on a serious note, I wanted to share with you why I am doing this.

Last year I lost two close loved ones to cancer (pancreatic and mesothelioma). It was a hard time and an experience that has changed me forever. In addition, I have loved ones who are breast cancer survivors.

So this year, I decided to honor the memory of my lost loved ones by acting boldly, so to speak. I have always been involved in charity and community work but this year my motto is “double it.”

My father-in-law, whom I lost, was a great believer in community work. He gave of himself tirelessly and fearlessly. He was the kind of guy that got his church involved in the fight against Alaska’s same-sex marriage ban. Likewise, my cousin had a big heart. An SEIU organizer, she campaigned to make the world a better place, especially on health care issues.

So my motto this year is to honor their memory by doubling my normal charitable and community-oriented efforts. When I feel tired I think of them. They wouldn’t quit and neither will I!

I know the economy has put hardships on many this year but if you can find a little to share for the cause of fighting cancer, I would be very grateful. And as we all know, those fighting cancer can use all the help they can in this economy and troubling time in our health care system (especially with UMC‘s announcement earlier this year in the South).

There are so many ways to get involved, too. Race for the Cure has the 5K, a 1-mile fun walk, sleep-in-for-the-cure, babies-for-the-cure and just about any other level of activity you want. You can participate at the level you feel comfortable!

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