Breaking News!

With a 12-9 vote the State Senate passed the Domestic Partnership bill (SB283)! This is a major victory in the fight for equality and civil rights in Nevada! And this is a victory for couples and families of all stripes living in our state!

Congratulations Sen. David Parks and all those who worked so tirelessly on this, including Nevada Women’s Lobby (full disclosure: I’m on their steering committee). I just spoke with our lobbyist and the mode in Carson City is excitement and exhaustion. But it’s a good exhaustion!

Tonight we celebrate equality in the Silver State!

One thought on “Breaking News!

  1. We were there for Equality Days and had the chance to experience this wonderful victory!!!! Thank you to NV Women’s Lobby, ACLU and PLAN for all their hardwork!!! And of course to all the advocates across the state…it was a night i will not forget!

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