Stations on the list

I find it interesting that Stations Casinos makes this national list of companies that are or will be declaring bankruptcy and shutting their doors this year. (Others mentioned include Rite Aid, Chrysler and Dollar car rental.) And it’s interesting to me that the national article refers to Las Vegas’ market as being hit by a “biblical real-estate bust.” True. Ouch. In fact, Stations is already planning to file Chapter 11 next month. I just thought that was interesting.

And in other, tangentially related news, the Senate is still being a douchebag and holding up the stimulus package. As The Mynx points out, now is an excellent time to let your senators know how you feel about all this. Don’t let Rush’s Dittoheads have the last word.

All of this depresses me and makes me avoid posting because I don’t want to think about it.

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