State budget hearings: Speak up about education and health and human services

If you’re pissed about the budget crisis, here’s your chance to sound off. The Legislative Commission’s Budget Subcommittee is going to be reviewing sections of the budget with a fine-tooth-comb in a series of meetings starting this week.

These meetings are open to the public! Consider this your Call to Service.

You can attend the meetings in Carson City at the Legislature building or via video conference in Las Vegas at the Grant Sawyer building.

You can find budget agendas on the legislative website.

They will be examining Health and Human Services on Jan. 23 + 26. Education (including higher ed)  on Jan. 27.

Since there may be a lot of people speaking, it is a good idea to submit your comments in writing to the subcommittee via the legislative website.

PS: Thanks Julianna for the heads-up.

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