State of the State

Do we really have to talk about this? I feel like I need some therapy first.

I like The Gleaner’s take the best:

… [T]he proposals unveiled by the nation’s most unbalanced governor are not the result of an informed and responsible policy analysis. They are what happens when a self-obsessed emotionally unbalanced and ultimately irrelevant train wreck of a public official crafts a budget based based on petty grudges, clumsy attempts at political maneuvering and a general economic illiteracy steeped in a failed ideology.

I really couldn’t have said it any better myself. GW Jr. is delusional. His State of the State was a torture device inflicted on his constituents and virtually unwatchable. (I had to turn away several times to avoid uncontrollable rage and vomiting.)

What’s the point of breaking down his “points,” if we’re really going to give him that much credit for having any? The whole thing was absurd!

  • 75% of his proposed cuts are to the university system
  • 6% cuts to state worker salaries (which includes teachers)
  • cuts to mental health services — meanwhile Nevada ranks 37th in the nation for mental health services and 4th highest rate of suicides
  • prison cuts
  • cuts to the arts — 40%, second hardest hit after higher ed
  • and stealing revenue from Clark and Washoe counties

Now might be an excellent time to remind you that the State Legislature goes into session in a couple of weeks and you could bend the ear of many legislators at Nevada Women’s Lobby’s Grassroots Lobby Days.

So how do you feel about the governor’s proposals?

And don’t forget, you still have time to take The Sin City Siren readership survey. Respondents who leave their name will be entered in a random prize drawing!

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