Strange days

  • First stop: Crazy town — What is the deal with the New Yorker cover featuring the Obamas dressed as terrorists and burning a flag in the fireplace? Racist fear-mongering is never funny! The New Yorker can suck it.
  • Not quit out of Crazy Town: Word of Nevada’s sorry excuse for a governor, or GW Jr. as I like to call him, travels far and wide. Meanwhile, the governor from my home state of Alaska — a woman who has given birth during her first term and hardly broke a sweat — is doing just fine.
  • Voting Town: We’re in early voting for the primary now through Aug. 8. (Actual primary is Aug. 12.) NOW has released some early endorsements of judges — Frank Sullivan, Dept. O and Cynthia Guiliani and Vincent Ochoa for Dept. K. Now what do we do about the other squillion judges running?
  • Next stop: Activist Town — The United Coalition for Immigrant Rights (UCIR) is holding the first activist conference at UNLV, Aug. 16-17. The theme is Living Without Borders.
  • Last stop: Shameless Plug City — Check out PLAN’s new myspace page. We’ve got a calendar of events, videos and much more! You know you want to.

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