Fat chicks rule

So what’s the deal with Sony’s new game Fat Princess? It’s a capture-the-flag game in which you force a fat princess to eat cake so she becomes so fat that people trying to capture her can’t squeeze her out of her castle. Joystiq reports two feminist blogs already taking the game to task.

Not only is the game blatantly sexist and misogonistic but a Yahoo news story takes the sexism to a new low. Not only is the tone of the story the old song-and-dance about trigger-happy feminists being too sensitive, but the end seals the deal:

Sony has yet to issue an official response, although Joystiq did receive a particularly informative update from James Green, Fat Princess’ lead art director, who clued gamers in on the origins of the game:

“Does it make it better or worse that the concept artist (who designed the look, characters, everything) is a girl?”

Hmmm…hope the game’s detractors don’t mind eating a bit of crow. 

Oh, so there’s no such thing as institutionalized sexism? As in, people within an oppressed group internalizing the systems of oppression and then turning it onto other members of the same oppressed group. Yeah, that’s historically the most successful form of oppression! (AKA keeping people in your own group down.) It happens when women impose the patriarchy and systems of oppression on other women. It happens when people of color do it to other people of color. And on and on. The reality of female imposed patriarchy is just more obvious in this situation than most.

So, no Ben Silverman, the fact that a female game designer was (all or in part) behind this game, does not make this feminist have to eat crow. Or was that a not-so-subtle reference to the idea that feminists should be stuffing their faces with cake in order to shut up?

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