Life is a non sequitur

  • People have always told me growing up in Alaska is like I’m from another world. Now NASA scientists have some proof: Alaska is like Mars.
  • I like to think my little letter-writing campaign had something to do with Home Depot’s new campaign to take back spent CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs).
  • Admittedly I’m biased, but I think this situation is ridiculous.
  • Fight back against Bush’s plan to not only hurt reproductive rights but to actually help fund “pregnancy crisis centers.”
  • “If you’re trying to ingratiate yourself to a skeptical and overwhelmingly disapproving audience it’s probably not a good idea to suggest that they’re all mentally unbalanced lying cheating tax evading sociopaths who don’t care about the state, its people or its future.” The Las Vegas Gleaner on Jim Gibbons. Nice. Very nice.
  • So let me get this straight. We’re in a recession. The airline industry is in a tailspin. Las Vegas is the #1 foreclosure city in America. Tourism is down. (My Friday evening direct flight from Denver to Las Vegas was less than half full and only 20 people got off in Vegas. It was going on to Burbank. ‘Nuff said.) But we should go ahead and build a third terminal at the airport, even if the airlines are pleading with us not to. Can you say delusional, growth junkies?

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