Catching up

There is so much going on lately that I just don’t have time to get to it all. But I wanted to at least mention these things in passing, before they become totally irrelevant.

  • What’s that? You say you miss reading snarky bits about the governor’s alleged numerous adulterous flings while he’s going through his very public divorce? Let me direct you to the Gleaner and second his motion for people to stop holding out on the photos of the governor from Tao.
  • If you hate the Northern Nevada water grab as much as I do, you’ll love this.
  • Are you a legal resident who wants to become a new citizen of this fine country? Why not head over to the Citizenship day at Rafael Rivera on Saturday, July 12 from 10-3? (Full disclosure, it’s co-sponsored by PLAN, Univision and other partners.)
  • And if that’s not your thing, why not head over to the Womyn’s Health Forum put on by the Women’s Empowerment Network? It’s also on Saturday from 10-3. It’s at The Center and will feature experts on healthcare issues and adoption rights.
  • Interesting gas prices fun fact: On my way home from work today I noticed that a gas station was selling Ethanol for $3.79 a gallon versus $4.19 for regular unleaded gas.
  • Still need proof that pollution or toxicity in the environment can have a direct impact on human being’s health and well-being? Check out this story from the LA Times about the link between lead exposure and criminality.

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