2 thoughts on “Great day for equal rights!

  1. As a queer-identifying man, I am all for equal rights and think that the attempts to ban it are absurd, as are the ‘reasons’ for attempting to do so.

    However, I feel a bit apprehensive about this, or at least the timing of it, despite the fact that it is the right decision. Just in time for the election. Oh, yay. Frankly, if I had to choose between taking longer to bring gay marriage around, or having 4 or 8 years of President McCain, I’d take the loss of marriage rights. The cynic is me is wondering if this is a handy gift from the judges thrown to the Republicans, rather than a sincere decision to correct a wrong.

    Oh, I know, one should not trade on one’s principles. And everything in me resists that choice. But if the choices are between bombing the shit of foreign children, or having the right to emulate heterodom, I know what I’d choose, in a second.

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