New ‘PLAN’ for The Siren

Well, it’s big news for your humble Sin City Siren founder and editor. I have been offered a job as the new Southern Nevada director of PLAN (Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada).

I am excited to start on this new path in my life (later this month)! It is a journey that began with me leaving journalism last year and stepping into grassroots activism and networking for the Fag Bug. But really it is a return to my activist roots that started in college.

For me this is a wonderful opportunity to work with amazing and passionate people on issues I care deeply (social, economic and environmental justice), be an activist and be more involved in my community.

As for The Siren … there’s a good chance it isn’t going anywhere, although I admit specifics have not been discussed. I’ll keep you posted!

For now, I’m enjoying some time with my family in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “New ‘PLAN’ for The Siren

  1. That is awesome Em!! Congrats! I expect to see you being quoted on a weekly basis in the papers and panned as a left-wing commie by the R-J in no time! 😉

  2. Group blog! You, Hugh, Launce, other s. Nevada progressives. The tide is turning, we’ll change representation in the 2nd District and then show Senator Good-Hair back to his Veterinary practice.

    I like it!

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