Thanks for not reading, Americans.

The Reuters survey says: Most Americans don’t read political blogs.

That’s okay, no personal offense. The jury’s still out on whether Sin City Siren is or isn’t a political blog.

Interestingly, more older people than younger people read political blogs, according to the Harris Interactive poll. But still, even of those 63 and over – the highest ranking political blog readers – only 26 percent read these thingies.

But Harris Interactive surveyed just over 2,000 people – so, as per usual, don’t take these numbers to heart, as that’s such a small fraction of the public.

Maybe the real results of the survey are that maybe tons of people read political blogs… but most don’t want to spend their online time taking surveys. No offense, the quarter of the 63+ crowd that may or may not be reading political blogs and taking surveys.

What do I honestly think of all this? I wish people spent more time reading alternative news sources. I think an array of opinions is more useful than one semi-objectified source. No offense, majority of American people who rely on TV news.

I actually don’t have a problem with subjectivity (else I wouldn’t be writing for a feminist blog). I have a problem with hidden agendas. I like intelligent, open, honest discourse. And I think blogs provide a safe forum where people can jump on and talk about politics more honestly than they would, say, in their office lunchroom or chatting over the fence with their neighbor. Know what I mean? When looked at as part of the national discussion and not necessarily as an objective, unbiased, reliably factual source of news, blogs can really fill a gap.

So, in conclusion, I wish people read and participated in political blogs more.

Not that I’m saying this is a political blog. Or that this survey is accurate.


3 thoughts on “Thanks for not reading, Americans.

  1. I think I have to accept the fact that this is a political blog. And I really appreciate the people who do chime in (even when I disagree). That’s what it’s all about!

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