I like Hillary, but I like like Obama.

She’s cool.

He’s hot.

She’s from the Bush/Clinton clan.

He’s not.

Forgive me for borrowing the tag line from Valley Girl to head into an entry on the Democratic primary.


Is anyone else pissed that the Democratic primary is even close, considering that Clinton and Obama look nearly identical on paper except for the fact that Clinton has, what, 10 years of experience on Obama?

Does anyone else find this odd?

To be honest, I haven’t made up my mind yet on who I like better. I’m still pretty elated that we have such outstanding candidates to choose from, really. And I’ll back whoever’s nominated with everything I’ve got.

I like Hillary, but I like like Obama. It’s the positive message that gets me. I’m a sucker for that. And I’m not the only one. From what I can tell, Obama is gaining major points just by giving speeches that go a little something like this:

“Hope hope hope for the American people hope hope hope together we can hope hope hope when I was a community organizer I worked hard to hope hope hope to hope hope hope.”

Really? Is that what we’re basing our decisions on, people? We’re hoping that Obama will deliver?

The fact that I’m falling for this when there is actually a strong, intelligent, savvy woman with a looong and staggeringly successful career in progressive politics PISSES ME OFF.

I’m not saying that voters’ decisions are gender based. But I wonder much their decisions are gender influenced.  At first, I was very anti-Clinton, to be honest. And I couldn’t even put my finger on it – I just felt like she was too stiff, too calculating, too, well, much. I wonder how gender influenced even I was. Am I (and perhaps other fems) too hesitant to embrace a female candidate for want to play fair and equal?

It’s surprising to me that Dems are putting so much faith in Obama, when we were so skeptical of Bush and his lame political resume during his campaign for the White House. And now we’re open to this Junior Senator?

Like I said, I know Clinton’s got some issues. A lot of people don’t like the Clintons, period, and that does it in for her right there. And she’s not personality plus. And for all her experience, she’s collected a whole lot of baggage with it.

But still… Clinton = Obama + 10 years.

Questions 1 is: Can a person have a long history in politics without being scrutinized -and tarnished- to high heaven?

And Question 2, for those (like me) still yearning for a brighter, better, newer page in American history and considering Obama as our usher, is:

What’s a message worth? Are we really going to vote for a guy with a great message, versus a gal with a great record?

I guess we’ll get a good idea tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “I like Hillary, but I like like Obama.

  1. She has a few years as a Senator (during which time she sold out more than once) and a few more as a wife of some guy who was president and then a lot of years as a corporate lawyers working for greedheads.

    yeah, she’s waaaay more qualified.

  2. Well, if persuasion is what you’re after, let me share with you the last straw that settled my mind between the two. Clinton served on the board of Walmart. Seriously, Walmart. And, I agree with lil_gaucha, Clinton made some plays in the Senate that meant selling out on women’s reproductive rights on more than one occasion. It’s really hard for me to forgive that.

    So I guess with this I declare that I’m in support of Obama. But no matter which person gets the party’s nomination, I will put my full support behind them.

    — E

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