Flames, on the side of my face, burning …

In my attempt to keep up with all the supercalifagilistic Super Tuesday action today (Obama’s taken Georgia, Huckabee takes West Virgina) I have been forced to watch cable network news. I generally try to keep cable news viewing to a minimum as it tends to irritate, rather than inform me. (What happened to just-the-facts-ma’am news? And when did predictions become a substitute for actual news?) I tend to agree with Jon Stewart — cable news is hurting America. (I paraphrase out of context, but still.)

Because I can’t stand any one of them for very long, I was flipping between CNN, FOX, CNN Headline News and MSNBC (eh, why not?). Mostly it was a lot of bullshit and no discernable news. Big surprise, right? I was just about to flip away from CNN Headline news because it was featuring the dreaded multi-screen pundit crap. But then the little white dude in the corner screen said something that gave me pause.

The topic was Sen. Clinton’s tears after she cast her primary vote this morning in New York. You know where I’m going, right? There was a female pundit and a male pundit. Neither one likes Clinton. The gist of the conversation is to ponder whether Clinton’s tears where sincere or a calculated play for votes. Blah blah blah. Okay, fine. Debate Clinton’s emotional authenticity. Whatever. This is not what pissed me off. (I can’t get mad at every little sexist infraction, right?)

Then little dickhead delivers the whammy. “She breaks down every time she has less than 12 hours of sleep. Do we really want someone like that in the White House?”

First, I should say that the above quote is purely from memory, so there may be a couple words off. But that was definitely the message of his words. Woman in the White House = Ticking PMS/Menopause Time-Bomb! Run away!

Unfortunately, I have no idea what this little dickhead’s name is. (The crack production team at CNN did not flash either of the pundit’s names by the time I was watching.) And, no, I’m not going to waste my time finding out what it was. Thankfully, the female pundit chimed right in and said that they shouldn’t even go to the female/PMS in White House thing. And little dickhead let it go and the little punditry segment ended.

But I can’t let it go, and not just for the reasons that are obvious. It pisses me off that these shithead pundits make huge amounts of money (for the most part) and to do nothing but spout off tired stereotypes that do nothing to further the national discussion. This is an important and historic election, no matter what your politics are. It depresses me that even as some things move forward in our society we are still saddled with addle-minded idiots who get paid to spew their ignorance and infect others with it.

The other thing that gets me is that it is still so widely acceptable to be sexist, while other -isms aren’t. Not that I am for other kinds of hatred. Let me be very clear: I am against hatred in all its forms. But even racist assholes usually realize that they can’t say blatantly racist things in public. (Not always, but usually.) But let’s face it, in our country it is still wholly acceptable to openly hate women and hate gays. Where’s the respect — even if it’s just polite and cursory — for women? After all, no matter what race/ethnicity you are or what sexual orientation you are, every segment of society has women! We make up more than 50 percent of society! You don’t have to like it, but it would be nice if the misogynists would at least put their hatred in the closet when they go on TV.

Forfucksake! Enough already!

— E

2 thoughts on “Flames, on the side of my face, burning …

  1. I don’t know that it’s okay to openly hate women. I think it’s okay to patronize and marginalize them, or rather, some seem to think it’s okay to patronize and marginalize women. Nobody would be so stupid as to say, “Hilary shouldn’t be president because she’s a woman.” They’ll say she’s too emotional or not tough enough and expect everyone to get the hint.

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