This glean’s for you

I admit that during most of December I traded my normal media gluttony for actual gluttony. It being a shiny New Year and all, I thought it was time to pull my head out of the cookie jar and start paying attention to the world around me — or at least what the media’s covering these days. (So far it seems like the top stories on cable news are about something in Iowa, cold weather in the winter and how furry the late-night talk show hosts got during the writer’s strike — oh, and somebody died in the Middle East but nobody cares.)

    • Oprah factor? Check. Churchy factor? Double check. Iowans prefer their liberals Obama-style and their wingnuts Huckabee-style. Here’s Grist’s angle. Hmm … wonder how Nevadans will wager in our caucus thingy in a couple weeks?
    • Speaking of the Nevada caucus thingy, me thinks The Minx has it tagged just about right, even if it’s a post from a year ago. We are the Anna Nicole Smith of caucus-fest!
    • Am I stealing The Gleaner’s schtick? No, just an homage in honor of his inclusion in Liberty Watch’s “Not List.” Consider it a compliment, baby. (And don’t worry, no way could I do this whole gleaning thing as well or keep at it as often as Hugh.) By the way, my old boss Steve Sebelius also made the list.
    • Speaking of CityLife, The fur is flying in this CityLife piece about faux-faux-fur clothes. (I don’t even think that’s grammatically correct but I’m leaving it.) Seems the Humane Society has found duds across America that are labeled faux but contain the real deal, including domesticated dog hair! So let’s revise the faux-fur check list: Fake fur is tacky (check); Fake fur is gross (check).
    • Remember when it was all kooky moonbat fun that we were running out of oil? Hell must be getting chilly, because even the RJ has thrown some ink at the situation.
    • Seen the TMZ rape poll? It’s just so fucking funny. Oh wait, it’s just fucked up!

    — Emmily

    One thought on “This glean’s for you

    1. Oh, wow. That article by The Minx was nothing short of fucking awesome. I love it when Nevada writers define Nevada, and absolutely nail it. It was a bittersweet read. Go read it, everybody!

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