Tell Gibbons to stop it

Nevada NOW, PLAN and the Human Services Network are urging folks to contact Gov. Gibbons to tell him not to go forward with planned budget cuts. The e-mail stresses contacting the governor’s office Jan. 2 and 3 but I didn’t get it until today. But I think it still works:

Proposed budget cuts from Gov. Jim Gibbons will hit families, schools and communities hard across the state. Among the proposals are a $78 million hit to Health and Human Services ($140 million counting lost federal match), a $58 million cut in Higher Education, and nearly $88 million to Nevada’s K-12 public schools. Urge that the Governor, instead of hitting essential programs in growth-stressed urban areas, the environment or rural areas, defray big-budget capital programs and tap the “rainy day” fund. We’re asking everyone to contact Gov. Gibbons Jan. 2 and 3 and let him know that taking a blunt axe to funding for human needs is no solution! Let’s flood his office.

Call Gov. Gibbons
In Las Vegas, (702) 486-2500.
In the rest of Nevada, (775) 684-5670.

Email Gov. Gibbons
To send an email to the governor, go to this Web site:

Send a Letter to the Editor
In addition to contacting the Governor please consider writing a letter to the editor:

— Emmily

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