Misogyny on the campaign trail. It’s just sooo funny.

Not a fan of Old Man McCain and I can’t say I’m surprised about this YouTube video where he talks about beating Hillary Clinton. Well, he answers a question from a woman in the audience who says, “How can we beat the bitch?” Cue laughter. I’m not even a fan of Hillary, but it’s just so. damn. tired. to go after her with the old b-word. We wouldn’t say “How can we beat the nigger?” about Obama. And then laugh, as McCain’s audience did to the bitch question. Oh, har har. So funny I forgot to laugh.

But I’m willing to go one step further and call out McCain’s camp for what looks like an orchestrated little home movie moment. If you’re going to be “cute” about it on the campaign trail, can’t you come up with something funnier? I mean, I’m an Oregon Ducks fan and for YEARS I’ve heard the chant “Fuck the Ducks!” from rival teams. As if I haven’t heard that at least a thousand times! If you’re going to be a misogynist pig on the campaign trail, why not go all the way? Why stop with the cliche “bitch” taunt — as if successful women everywhere haven’t been called that a thousand times? I’m not so much encouraging this behavior as saying that even their taunts are lame.

Anyway, here’s the video:

— Emmily

2 thoughts on “Misogyny on the campaign trail. It’s just sooo funny.

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