Allure printed my letter!

If you pick up November’s Allure magazine, you’ll find my letter to the editor second from the top (and after another Emily!, but with one “m”). The letter is in praise of Judith Newman’s cover piece on Britney Spears this summer. I would link to it, but Allure didn’t post the cover story on their website. (And they don’t post letters either.) As I’ve said before, I’m not Spears fan. But I can admire a good piece of journalism. I felt Newman’s cover story had a very “alternative weekly” vibe, which I naturally have a bias for. And she managed to deconstruct the Spears-trainwreck-media-circus while preserving Spears’ humanity. Very tricky and very nicely done.

I can’t remember sending a letter to a magazine before this so it tickles me that they printed it. They only cut one line out, in which I compare the industry surrounding Spears-gate as gossip-porn. (And it still bothers me that these gossip-porn peddlers get to call themselves journalists.) And the magazine spelled my name right. It’s kinda cheesy to admit, but I feel kinda awesome about it.

— Emmily

4 thoughts on “Allure printed my letter!

  1. ALLURE adamantly refuses to print my letters, but I have a feeling it’s something to do with the fact that they’re written entirely in pasted-together characters cut from magazines.

    Also, I attach said letter to a rock and throw it through the editor’s window. I should probably consider mailing it, but that’s not how I roll.

    All joking aside, it’s cool they published your letter. I didn’t read that article, but I like the fact they attempted a human side to Britney… very rare, given the “three ring circus” tone and style of most print media these days.

    Kudos to you.

  2. Now your resume can say, “Published writer in national magazine.” I’m shameless enough that when Salon posted my letter (in the days before they posted all of them) I put it on my resume. Yeah, I did it and I ain’t shamed.

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