Girls just wanna have fun – but feminists just HAVE fun.

According to an article at LiveScience, researchers at Rutgers University found that feminists are not the man-hating uglies pop culture likes to make them out to be.

In fact, it’s quite possible that they’re happier and have better sex lives than their nonfeminist counterparts. From

Among the findings:

  • College-age women who reported having feminist male partners also reported higher quality relationships that were more stable than couples involving non-feminist male partners.
  • College guys who were themselves feminists and had feminist partners reported more equality in their relationships.
  • Older women who perceived their male partners as feminists reported greater relationship health and sexual satisfaction.
  • Older men with feminist partners said they had more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction.

Overall, feminism and romance do go hand in hand, the scientists say.

In other words, partners treating each other as equal beings – not objects or servants – actually makes for a GOOD relationship. Who would have thought?

Oh yeah, that’s what we ugly, man-hating, lesbo feminists knew all along..

The news of happy hetero feminists came out yesterday, coinciding with Canada’s Persons Day, the day that women were accepted as ‘persons’ by Canada’s highest court. Some history on Persons Day:

The Canadian constitution (the British North America Act of 1867) used only male pronouns, and when pluralizing, used the term ‘persons’. Politicians and lawyers argued that women just weren’t included in the constitution; they weren’t persons, therefore they couldn’t hold political office.

But on Oct 18, 1929, the Privy Council in England (then Canada’s highest court) begged to differ, saying: “the exclusion of women from all public offices is a relic of days more barbarous than ours. And to those who would ask why the word “person” should include females, the obvious answer is, why should it not?”

Today, Canadian feminists have the audacity to fight for earlier meeting hours, free day care and other amenities for politicians, so that women won’t be deterred from running. How dare they!


“Never retract, never explain, never apologize – get things done and let them howl.”

–Nellie McClung, one of the “Famous Five” Canadian women’s rights activists in the 1920s.

-Posted by Natalie

2 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun – but feminists just HAVE fun.

  1. Hi Natalie,
    interesting article 🙂 I tried to find the research study, but I couldn’t. Would be interested to read how the conductors of the study defined “feminism”. They probably use it as a synomyn for people who approve of gender equality. Though that’s what I do as well, I would never label myself a feminist!!

    Well, here is a little “machist” anecdote on the matter of feminism: In my bank, like in many other organizations, there is a women’s council. They recently distributed an invite to one of their meetings through the central mail distribution network, and I couldn’t help but feeling discriminated when I received it 😛 For a moment, I actually considered attending the meeting (though I doubt I was part of the target audience) – I am curious to hear what problems women have. Perhaps they should tell us about them?!? What about a men’s council?

    Perhaps I am just too idealistic to acknowledge that women do face more difficulties than men in their jobs simply because I believe that we are all business professionals and should judge each other’s work and not their gender. However, I am very intolerant when it comes to a mother who is coming in late every day because she has three children at home – she gets the same salary as her male counterpart!

    That’s my view on feminism. People should be treated equally.

    Greetings from London, Bjoern

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