Thank goodness sexism doesn’t have any electoral votes

Nice work by Rachel Sklar over at the Huffington Post for her beautiful review of how Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president brings out the sexist beast in America.

To wit:

You know, I have no problem with Hillary-bashing — on the merits. Get her on her record, get her on her substance, get her on her health plan, get her on her Iraq war vote. Go crazy. But today the NYT has stooped in two places to zeroing in her with criticisms that turn completely on the fact that she’s a woman.

— Emmily

One thought on “Thank goodness sexism doesn’t have any electoral votes

  1. Yup, there’s nothing like an outspoken woman on a national stage to bring out the underlying sexism of U.S. society, just as the Kerry candidacy exposed our baseline anti-intellectualism and xenophobia. (One might ask of Dubya and his adherents the same question posed to Jimmy Stewart’s character in “The Flight of the Phoenix”: “Why do you behave as though stupidity was a virtue?”) Of course, should Obama pull off an upset for the Dem nomination, we’ll see how much progress we’ve *really* made on being a color-blind society.

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