Score one for the good guys

A few weeks ago I posted about a brand new Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Il. that was coming under heavy fire from Christian conservatives. For weeks, anti-choice protesters managed to keep the clinic closed before it ever had a chance to open. But on Monday the clinic finally got clearance from city officials to open.

Why care about a Planned Parenthood clinic in a suburb of Chicago? For one, because when women can’t get access to reproductive health care (no matter where it is), it’s a feminist issue. For another, I care about this because I lived in Aurora for a year when I was 18 and the lack of no-cost or low-cost health care of any kind was bleak. Healthier women mean healthier families and communities. It’s that simple.

Here’s what Cecile Richards, president of PP had to say:

We are Planned Parenthood. Standing together, we sent a message that we will fight for access to reproductive health care for women in Aurora and for women everywhere.

I’ve said this throughout these challenging weeks: “What happens in Aurora, happens in America.” I expect fights like this for other health centers around the country in the months ahead. It won’t be easy. But today, I’m reminded that when you combine 90 years of history and courage with tens of thousands of people like you, we can win.

So this is a win for pro-choice Americans and anyone who values access to affordable reproductive health care. And it happened because people all over America banded together to fight for this clinic.

— Emmily

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