So who are you for?

Coupla things got me thinking about Hillary Clinton today.

One is that while I was away in Portland, my site visits went through the ceiling over some little post I put together about Clinton’s non-issue “low-cut top” that was written up in the Washington Post a couple weeks ago. Frankly, I wrote about it because I’m so annoyed with what an issue it has become.

The other is that because I’m a woman and a feminist, people have a tendency to ask me if I’m for Hillary (or H-Rod as the Gleaner likes to call her), as if the fact that she and I both have vaginas makes my vote a lock. I take my right to vote very seriously and I wouldn’t just vote for the first vagina to have a shot at the presidency. I will vote for who I think is the best person for the job (among the choices given).

So that doesn’t really answer the question of who I’m voting for. And that’s partly because I’m still on the fence. I think Hillary is too hawkish when it comes to the war and pleasing the middle-grounders. Also, I think she has shown a willingness to be soft on reproductive rights for the sake of appeasing those middle-grounders. And there’s that little thing of some past presidential baggage that may weigh her down when it comes time to do some business. On the other hand, Barrack Obama has less experience in government on a grand scale, doesn’t seem to have a stand on health care to speak of and of course he doesn’t have any foreign policy experience. And I worry that an Obama presidency would be bogged down with more “first-ever-ness” than a Clinton presidency because as a country we’re still way worse on race relations than we are on gender relations. Neither one of them are perfect on every issue. And I could live with either of them being president. (Please, if there is a God, just no more GWB types!! I’m begging!)

Is that a “feminist” answer? Is that the “woman’s vote” answer? Probably not. If someone asked me to vote right now, I’d probably pull the lever for Obama. I met his wife in June and I think she’s a dynamic and impressive person (perhaps more so than her husband). And he’s already shown himself to be pretty impressive. I relate more to their stories of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and coming from humble beginnings. As a team I think they might be a JFK-style First Family (without the Marylin stuff, perhaps).

What do you think? Clinton or Obama?

One thought on “So who are you for?

  1. I am for Obama…although Edwards is interesting too…Obama is the only one though that has been against the war from the start.

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