Good news for Fag Bug!

Erin Davies’ Fag Bug is going to be sponsored by Volkswagen of America! Awesome! Here’s what she wrote on her blog today:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day 106: Fagbug and VW of America

So today I feel rested and am heading to the morman temple to talk to people there and see what the reaction to my car is. I want to stay focused for the rest of my trip on what I came here to do and stop getting distracted. I am looking forward to talking to people here and seeing what people are like here. it’s my first time in Utah.

I checked out of my hotel and checked my email and this is what was in my inbox, it made my day!

The subject was: Subject: Greetings from Volkswagen of America! Can we help?

Hello, Erin-

Several of us at Volkswagen have been following your story, and while disappointing to see what other people’s homophobia drove them to do, it’s also been very uplifting to read about your reaction. Volkswagen would like to help with the remainder of your journey cross-country, perhaps with covering your fuel expenses and any service needs for your vehicle as you continue your travel. Additionally, we’re preparing for our October Diversity Week celebration, and it would be very cool to have you in for a presentation. If interested in either, please call or write me and we’ll see what we can set up.

Yippie! I wrote VW of America a sponsorship request very early on before leaving from this trip and never heard back and people asked me if they were sponsoring me I just said all along not yet but maybe they will get ahold of it at a later point.

I called Bret who sent this email right away and thanked him for offering that. He said they will be willing to fix anything that goes wrong with my car and pay for oil changes and all my gas prices the rest of the way!

I told him I’d be happy to speak at their event in October and asked where it would be held and he said in Michigan.

I am so happy they are going to help me out!

One thought on “Good news for Fag Bug!

  1. Hi Erin- I also work for Volkswagen of America and was just recently appointed to the diversity council. Bret Scott is a colleague and friend all of us were excited to hear about your story, and happy to sponsor you! Keep us posted on your travels!

    Rob Lunde
    Volkswagen of America – Customer CARE group

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