Fag Bug news

Good news everyone! Things are really rolling along to get the Fag Bug event off the ground next month. She’ll be here July 26 and 27 so it’s less than 30 days away!

 I had an incredibly productive meeting last night with members of the local HRC (Human Rights Campaign), which is starting a new women’s subcommittee. There were also members of several other awesome groups including the NOW, Las Vegas Lesbians, SinCityQSocials, Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Northwest Community Church and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

The first good news is we hammered out a tentative schedule for Erin while she’s here with her Fag Bug (see previous posts or www.fagbug.com for background details). Most of the evens will be on July 26 including a press conference in the morning, plans for an all-ages event in the afternoon (possibly at Fremont Street Experience) and plans for an evet at bar downtown that night. And an HRC member with a local car dealership has generously offered to print some nice, full-color fliers for the event.

Up next will be brainstorming places for Erin to go on her “free” day on July 27. She wants to go to random public places like Walmart, base ball games, etc. And she has plans to drive up and down the Strip to interact with people. If you have suggestions for her you can e-mail her through fagbug.com or send them to me and I’ll pass them on.

 Also, I need to find a person or people who have been victims of hate crimes (doesn’t have to be strictly about sexual orientation). Erin is very interested in talking with fellow victims and possibly filming them for her documentary. And, it would be nice if local victims would feel comfortable speaking to the media, as they will like to get that local connection to this story. Let me know.

Finally, we are planning to have the fliers for the event ready by First Friday. ANYONE interested in helping hand them out at First Friday or other events, please get in touch with me to coordinate. I will be going down to First Friday to hand out fliers with my husband and brother so you won’t be alone.

Thanks so much to everyone who went to that HRC meeting last night and who has stepped up to help me coordinate this event. I’m sort of just feeling my way in the dark. But I think this is going to be a fantastic event for Erin and I am so excited at everyone’s commitment and enthusiasm!

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