Feminist happenings

I’m swamped with Fag Bug planning today but don’t think I’ve forgotten about you completely. Here’s some feminist news to tide you over:

  • Get your party on for the environment: On 7/7/07 Las Vegas will be part of the 24-hour Live Earth concert series, which spans seven continents. The Las Vegas Change the Climate party starts at 8 p.m. at the Palm’s Moon nightclub. A joint partnership between the local Sierra Club and Nevada Conservation League, the party will feature a live feed from the world-wide concert.
  • The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign is seeking a local intern. Contact Rachel Sobelson at the local headquarters, 702-664-1040.
  • And even though I’m a day late on this … yesterday was National HIV Testing Day. Did ya get tested? If not, do it anyway because you don’t need a special day to do the right thing.

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