Damn, I wish I had noticed that first

Kudos to the Las Vegas Gleaner for reminding me of just how blindly afraid of women the heartland really is. (And that’s saying something, because I’m pretty much always on red alert for these kinds of things.)

In one of his posts today the Gleaner hits the mark about our fear of female political candidates boobies. Namely, he points out a certain proclivity for female candidates, from presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton to local one-time congressional candidate Tessa Hafen, to cover up their necks (with large scarves, turtle necks, wearing their collars up, etc.). Gosh, that gives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trademark pearl necklace a dirty tinge all the sudden.

After all, it would be scary if we were reminded for even a milisecond that these candidates have mammory glands! Better not even let them see your neck, just to be safe.

In ridiculous times like these I must turn to the absurdity of Sex and the City character Samantha: “Are you afraid I’m going to get my period and ruin your empire?!”

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