Good stuff

Even though I dropped almost completely off the radar last week, somehow the world didn’t. I wanted to be sure to share some of these items with you before they become obsolete. (I promise, as I get better each day, I’ll stop slacking a little more each day.)

  • Believe in reducing your carbon footprint? How about that of big-budget Hollywood entertainment that you enjoy with popcorn and the kids? Enter the “Get On Board” initiative, a collaboration between Universal Pictures and the Conservation Fund in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day. From now until June 22 online contributions to the “Almighty Forest,” will go toward the Conservation Fund’s work to plant real trees in the real world. Those who donate before June 22 will get their name listed on a credit banner on the DVD release of Evan Almighty. Pretty sweet!
  • Las Vegas’ oldest domestic violence crisis center Safe Nest is gearing up for its annual Interfaith Conference on June 14 and 15. This year’s keynote speaker is Rabbi Mark Dratch. I covered their conference last year for CityLife and I found it moving to see so many people from such varied relgions gathered to talk about the problem of domestic violence. There are a lot of ways to heal wounds, and we can never discount the power of the spirit. Those interested can contact Safe Nest at 877-0133.
  • Does anyone know about the peace march that happened in Carson City today? I got an e-mail that said anti-war activists on a peace march from San Francisco to Washington DC passed through Carson City and Reno today. If anyone knows about it, let me know. I’m curious.

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