Youth forum at CCSN

Got some info about a new youth group that is sponsoring a forum on Friday. Here’s the info:

“Be Heard”
A Youth Forum on violence in the media, drugs use, sex education, the school system & jobs
Friday May 25, 2007 @ 6:00pm
Community College of Southern Nevada, Cheyenne Campus

Michael Flores is an emerging youth leader for the organization TRENDZ Inc. His interest in politics and community service has led him to joining an organization where his voice can be heard.

“Most adults don’t want to listen to what young people have to say. But we will no longer be ignored. There are issues in the community that we are concerned about and that need to be addressed. Through TRENDZ I plan to make sure that happens.”

Location: CCSN- Cheyenne Campus, Telecom Bldg. Room Rm 1772
Target Audience: Youth ages 14-19, community activists, media
Youth Panelists: Recruited from local youth serving and youth led organizations.

Event Objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for youth to express their concerns and ask question on the issues discussed
  • To summarize, organize and report youth concerns and recommendations for local and state governing boards
  • To recruit youth into the TRENDZ, Inc. youth activist network To provide youth with resources in the local community for health services, tutoring, job placement
  • To offer incentives for youth participation at the town hall forum

Trendz, Inc. is a non profit youth development organization committed to training young people of color to be active leaders.

For more info Email us at:

Online at:

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